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Welcome to Drive Today.Three observations are in order. First, today’s security practitioner operates in rapidly evolving global concerns. The fast paced and highly competitive nature business is forcing companies to continually find new ways of to be productive at lowered costs. The new ways of doing businesses also bring in new risks.

Second, every major decision made by a security practitioner depends upon technical knowledge. Major decisions are never risk free and technical knowledge is often the critical factor in arriving at the best possible alternative.

Third, the first and second observations are intertwined. In the present dynamic workplace, emerging security risks are shrouded in complexities that call for constant education and re-education. Continuous learning is therefore an acute requirement for security practitioners who are determined to stay current.

Drive Today will attempt to fill the void.

The blog is geared for the security practitioner. It will dwell on emerging security concerns globally; it will also inform and give brief analyses of emerging security trends on the corporate sector.

Periodically, it shall bring on board or links of peer reviewed security articles for the deep thinkers or for the academically inclined.

It will occasionally source and post job listings both locally, regionally and on the international front for the security professional who seeks greener pastures.

And every week an article will be on board to give the security professional a two sided view of either the thinking of a criminal mind or that of a dedicated security guard.


Let’s roll.


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