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Security By Definition


Security remains a contested concept. The term security is derived from the Latin word Securus which literally means without care or apprehension. By extension and on a wider scale, the safeguarding  of the interests of the a state , organization  or persons  and making  it safe  is securitas, Today the name security encompasses a broad scope starching from the concept of the wellness of a nation state as outlined on a geographical sphere to the wellness of the human individual.

The definition of security has acquired a broader conceptualization due to greater attention given to human security, the onset of terrorism, globalization and the attendant surge of technology.

The phenomenon of globalization has influenced the world in many ways.  It has intensified cross-border interactions and inter-dependence among states..   Globalization has also liberalized markets by removing government-imposed restrictions on the movement between countries in order to create an integrated economy.

Another perspective of globalization has been the promotion of the degree of universalization of norms and practices but most significantly, it has decreased the dominance of states over matters of security. As regards security, globalization has had greatly impacted on how security had hitherto been perceived.   First, the world community has become interdependent in matters of commerce and communication.

With borders becoming increasingly porous, it is not practically possible to have absolute sovereignty.  In this sense, it is more accurate to refer to frontiers rather than distinct territorial state borders.  In this context, technological advances are a manifestation of how security has become vulnerable to both internal and external threats.

Conflicts have also rapidly spread across borders through contagion, hence the notion of the internalization of conflict which has forced the introduction of external factors into internal conflicts.

In a global setting, regional security can no longer be perceived purely in the context of military might; rather, security has expanded to encompass environmental, economic, political and social insecurity.

This is one aspect of security which can be defined as State security.

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