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How well do you know your domestic manager?
The country woke up on the morning of 8th of June with reports that a 26-year-old domestic manager (Maid or Mboch?) in Muhoroni had apparently strangled a three month baby left in her care and also stabbed to death the mother of the baby -her employer- to death in the early hours of the evening. After the horrific deed, the Mboch had apparently spent the night in the same house with the two lifeless bodies, calmly took her breakfast in the morning before leaving the location at mid-morning after spending a few minutes of pleasantries with the immediate neighbour.
The bodies were discovered by the neighbour in the late afternoon after noticing a resounding silence in the neighbour’s house. The grieving man of the house claimed to have hired the aloof maid in the month without even bothering to cross-check her details or even seeing her identity card. The father also added within the short period she had been working in the house, the Mboch had not shown any exceptional zeal in her duties being periodically moody but had tolerated by her employers due to the rapport she had built with the three-year-old.
It is sad.
The domestic managers are a huge industry all across the country; however, it is difficult to authenticate the total figures of persons employed as maids as there is yet to be a study conducted on the subject. Suffice it to say, the maid fills an important gap in the life of all urban families becoming important assets in the homes. Without them, most homes are bound to run to a standstill.
The DM has no job description and performs a variety of tasks within the employer’s home, such as the provision of regular housekeeping, preparation of family meals, running of errands and taking care of small children in the home.
Their roles are rarely appreciated and they as personalities are rarely ever fully embraced within the family shell. As a consequence of this, a big fraction of the DMs are therefore generally bitter with their place in life and plod through their daily chores in a perpetual low self-esteem mode.
These facts are directed to you, young, suave, urbane, career mum; you and your spouse leave the house early in the morning at about 6 O’clock, leaving young Natasha with the maid. You arrive back from duty at about 6 o’clock or much later in the early evening. Understandably, stressed with the career demands of work, tolerating the boss, customers and meeting deadlines. You take food prepared by the maid, gaze briefly at the Television, bond briefly with young Natasha and plop into bed at about ten o’clock. The same circle starting over again the following day again.
Let’s face it, for about 16 hours in a day, the maids run the house unsupervised and has little Natasha under her care. Not to mention taking care of other prized possessions in the home ranging from the family vehicle, pets to electronics.
Unlike other lower beings, Man is intelligent enough to virtually hide his intention with no outward signs of a flaw of character. Background checks, therefore, are becoming more of a necessity in the modern world. It is basically a check with authorisation from the concerned person, in this case, the maid, a check on her Identity documents, guarantors, past employers and close associates. The beauty of the check is that it, gives you, the concerned party that relevant information about the potential employee a confirmation of her claims, her criminal background history and her references.
The overall objective of background checks is to ensure the safety and security of the immediate family. It does not mean it will counter any criminal activity, but it curtails some possible excesses on the part of the DM knowing that several people have vouched for her.
Do background checks on your DM today. It will assure you of some peace of mind-Somewhat.

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